He was a ADT before, came back as a volunteer a few months later, and a year later fresh out of college he is now one of our vets. Got questions about animals? Just ask him!!

Hobby:KENDO, Horsemanship

コメント:I wanted to be Marine Animal VET. I will do what I can to be the best in the marine animal vet field.

--ASUKA(Head Trainer)--
Asuka is our dive instructor and has IAHD. She offers classes on first aid! She is one of the most animated people at our facility! She loves a good laugh and is always smiling! She is one of the friendliest peson that you could ever meet!

Good at:Making an imitation of a bird face.
Comment: I need someone to help me learn the English language!

--FILTON(Assistant Head Trainer)--Blog up-loading on Thursday!!
Filton is one of our most artistic trainers! He is also a part time comedian! (no, not really!) He will say or do things just to put a smile on your face! He is happy doing what he loves!

Good at:Painting/Taking picture
Comment:Please visit Dolphins Pacific!

--NANAKO(Dolphin Trainer)--
Nanako is one of our trainers. She is a cool cat. She can be very quiet, yet when she speaks, you will burst out laughing! She is a beautiful person inside and out. She is one of those people that you would feel comfortable with in those silent moments...

Good at:Being Cool and Mellow
Hobby:Snow Boarding
Comment:Let's have fun with the dolphins!!

--ANNA(Dolphin Trainer)--
Anna is one of our trainers in training! She is very dedicated to her work here! She loves working with dolphins & people alike! She is very outgoing and loves a good joke!

Comment:Please come to Palau and join our activity!! It's really fun!!

--MAAI(Dolphin Trainer)--
Maai is one of our office staff, an Eco tourguide, Palau Nature School guide, and so much more! She talks to people as if they have been friends for years... She is very kind and generous. She loves to share her laughter and smiles....

Good at:Making conversations with guests and serving them well.
Hobbies:Surfing but still learning, painting, cooking, making smoothies, and shopping.
Comment:Please come and see our friendly dolphins and staff. We would like to support one of your best memories in Palau..

--CHARITY(Dolphin Trainer)--Blog up-loading on Tuesday!!
Charity is one of our trainers in training! She is still learning the ropes of being a trainer. She is also a people pleaser! She works hard to make everyone happy! She loves meeting new people and making new friends! She is energetic and has a happy-go-lucky attitude.

Comment:Enjoy your holidays & Vacation. Hope to see you soon!

--IYUMI(Dolphin Trainer)--

Iyumi chan is one of our new Dolphin Trainer Staff. She's very funny and she's always smiling all the time, even when she's sad..:) Also she's a very hard worker and she always make customer happy.

--UI(Dolphin Trainer)--

Ui is one of the newest member of the crew. She is currently working at Reservations but soon to be tour guide. She is shy but once you get to know her she is a very friendly person.
Hobbies: Watching movies, Shopping, walking.


Everson is one of our photographer and he is also a tour guide. He is very outgoing and has a great sense of humor and this makes him a very good tour guide. If you have any questions or just want a good laugh then this guy is the person to talk to.

Good at:Being Cool and Mellow
Hobby:Dirt biking
Comment:Where is my Monster?

Johnson is our photographer and also one of our tour guide. He does Eco Tours and waterfall tours. He may look like his all business and no fun but once you get to know him you would enjoy conversating with him.

Comment:Come explore the wonders of Dolphins Pacific.


Stomi works at Reservations. She's shy at first glance, but get to know her and you'll be like friends.

Hobbies: Shopping, Reading, enjoying nature.
Quote: "I am who I am, not who you want me to be. I don't give anyone a reason to hate me, it's just them making up their own idea of drama of jealousy."

Danica is one of Ticket Center Reservation staff. She's very outgoing person and can make friends with anyone she meets.

She is a perfectionist and wants things to be as she plans. Though she is a perfectionist, she is fun to be around. When she has some down time, she takes care of herself. She likes to do yoga and a little bit of brain exercise too! She loves a good book!

Good at:Reading, Yoga, and keeping up with her health.
Comment:Palau has many beautiful places. Palau is super Beautiful!!.


This is our company president.
Comment: My Dream is to make Customers', Bosses', and Staffs' Dream come true.
Hobbies: Cast fishing, diving, spending time with his wife and two children.

This is Carol. She is basically the person who manages our finances. She gets to make the decisions on how best to use our budget.
Comment: "The reason why Dolphins Pacific became a big company is that I was strict on managing our company's profits". Every company should have someone like her.
Hobbies: Bottom fishing, rock island camping, spending time with friends and family.

Connie is our Accountant. She's the one who makes sure we get our paychecks on time.
Hobbies: Kayaking, fishing, cooking


--STONE(Maintenance Manager)--
Stone is our Maintenance Manager.
He makes sure that our facility and its equipment are working properly. He enjoys fishing, riding his motorcycle and spending time with family and friends.

This is Marcus. He is also one of our maintenance staff at Dolphin Bay. He's a quiet guy, but likes to joke around while he works with the maintenance crew. He believes, as well as any other local, that a happy worker is a great worker. He is a spearfisherman by trait and especially likes to cook his catch. "Tastes better when you know you're the one who caught it", he says. He likes to spend time with family and friends.
Hobbies: Fishing, fishing, and more fishing.

ET is one of our maintenence staff and also tour guide. He enjoys working with people and nature.
Hobbies: Fishing, Fishing and Fishing.

Chance is also one of our maintence staff and is currently on training to be come a proffessional photographer.
Hobbies: Art, Listening to music, and poetry.


Please email or call (680)488-5381 for information about for job opportunities.