「DEMUL」means "Dolphin" in Palauan Language.
We just recently renovated our Gift Shop at Dolphin Bay named "Demul Gift Shop".
It is located in our Observation Building in the center of Dolphin Bay.
We sale a variety of items for you to purchase and share with someone special as a lovely memory of Dolphins Pacific in Palau.
We have Dolphins Pacific Original T-shirts, Towels, Key chains, Gorgeous Porcelain items and more…
And, we also have a variety of T-shirts from other dive shops and agents.
Memorable time spent with the Dolphins, shopping for souvenirs,
and if you get thirsty along the way we do sell a variety of beverages and snacks.
So if you decide to come to Dolphin Bay, stop by our giftshop and see what we have to offer.
Please do not hesitate to make a reservation online (HP URL:
and we will make sure that the time you spend with us would be a time well spent…
Remember, if you like what you see buy it and if you want to enjoy come on over to Palau!!!

  (Observation Building Outside)                  (Gift Shop Outside)                                   (View from Gift Shop)

Hold down the price of our gift!!

○You will be able to see our whole facility from the gift shop!!
  Want to see how awesome dolphins are than come on over♪