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-- Notice --
All the activities
  1. A reservation can be taken till the end of the following month. A reservation after that cannot be taken.
Dolphin Close Encounter
  1. Each child at the age of 5 Years and under must be accompanied by one paying adult.
  2. Every two children between the age of 6 -12 Years are recommended to be accompanied by one paying adult.
  3. Children at the age of 12 Years and under are free of charge.
  4. A disabled person and one assistant are free of charge. Enter the number of disabled persons in [Disabled Person].
Dolphins Swim
  1. Every two children between the ages of 6 - 12 Years must be accompanied by one or more paying adult.
  2. A child between the age of 6 - 12 Years receives a 50% discount.
Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Scuba Dive, Dolphin Introductory Dive.
  1. These activities require prerequisite of Dolphin Close Encounter.
    Please make reservation of the above-mentioned activities after participation of Dolphin Close Encounter.
  2. Guests who have already participated in our Dolphin Close Encounter Program can make reservations of the above-mentioned activities.
  3. In order to participate in Dolphin Scuba Dive, the guest must be a certified diver and must be able to present a diver certification card prior to participation in the activity.
ActivityReservation dateAM/PM Number of guestFee
under 5Yr
between 6〜12Yr
over 13Yr
Dolphin CloseEncounter Y M D
Dolphin Swim Y M D ----
Dolphin Symphony Y M D ----
Dolphin FreeDive Y M D ---- ----
Dolphin ScubaDive Y M D ---- ----
Dolphin Introductory Dive Y M D ---- ---- ----
One Day Trainer Y M D 9:00 ---- ---- ----

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