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■Prior to making your reservation, please take the moment and read below before "Making Reservations", "Payment" and "Precautions", and follow the procedures correctly.
□Reservation form is at the bottom of this page.
■It is possible to reserve till the end of next month.
□In case there is no reply for more than one week after reservation form is sent, please let us know immediately.

Here is the Reservation Form!!


※Do not forget to enter Credit Card procedure at step3.
※First time visitor to our facility must participate in Close Encounter first. This is a prerequisite to all our programs, so please reserve this activity first.
※In case you are not receiving our confirmation by mail, please contact through here.
Fill in the Reservation Form. And click "SUBMIT"
Page of reservation confirmation is displayed. Check no mistake and click [NEXT]
You will see the page of "Enter for Credit Card Section". Choose the type of your computer and enter please.
Fill out credit card information and click on "SUBMIT"
Dolphins Pacific will send a confirmation mail to you. And finally

Your Reservation is Confirmed


There are two ways that you can make your payment:

■Prepaid(via the Internet)
■Cash on Delivery(US$ / Travellers Check / Credit Card [VISA/JCB/DC/MASTER] )
We ask for your credit card information when making reservation for comfirmation.

※Reservation via website, advance payment must be made by credit card. Please read details below.
(※For those who want to reserve through website and want to pay in cash at our office in Palau, contact us by

Please make reservations using the application form on our website. Then, a credit card credit reference inquiry sheet will be displayed. Please fill in your credit card number, expiration date, etc.
We shall confirm the details of your reservation and verify your credit inquiry results. Once your reservation has been confirmed we shall inform you thereof by e-mail.
Even if we are unable to confirm your reservation, we will also inform you thereof by e-mail. Once your reservations is accepted, we will be bill procedures with credit card companies 30 days in advance of the date reserved.

Under the credit card settlement system adopted by Dolphins Pacific, credit card numbers are transmitted directly to credit card companies and are verified on real time basis. As a result, your card number is directly sent to the credit card company where they are instantly verified without passing Dolphins Pacific and therefore by no means do they leak out. Furthermore, since the information we ask you to input from the credit card credit inquiry form are highly encrypted with an encryption technology of world standard developed by VeriSign they are safely transmitted and therefore there is no need to worry about leakage of information to a third party. You can be assured on this point

zeus co.
verisign co.


◇For cancellations owing to reasons on visitor's side ◇

For cancellations made 30 days or more prior to the day the reserved program is scheduled no fees are charged.
For cancellations made 29 ~ 7 days prior to the day the reserved program is schedules 10% of the participation fee + remittance is charged as the cancellation fee.
For cancellations made after 5:00p.m of the seventh day prior to the program, 50% of the participation fee + remittance is charged as the cancellation fee.
For cancellations made after 5:00p.m.of the previous day, no refund shall be made.

◇Cancellation owing to reasons on our side ◇

In few cases, programs are cancelled due to bad weather or poor physical conditions of dolphins, and reservation may be changed to another day or 100% refund can be obtained on site (refund will be made in US dollars).


■For first time visitor to our facility, participation in Close Encounter is necessary. Preriquiste to Dolphin Swimming and Dolphin Diving, please do not forget to include Close Encouter program.
■After sending your reservation form, make sure to enter Credit Card procedure. In case there is a failure on verification of credit inquiry reservation will not be accepted.
■Space availability on our wesite is not always showing precise indication due to time difference from Palau and your country, however your desired date will not always be accommodated resulting from the situation mentioned above.
■One Reservation Form can not be used to reserve same activity program in different days of in different time, so Please make reservation using two Reservation Forms.
■Those who are pregnant or expecting are not able to participate in Dolphin Swimming but can participate in Close Encounter only.
■Participant for Dolphin Swimming under 12 years old, must participate with parent or supervising adult.
■Those who are reserving for Dolphin Diving are advised to check your flight schedule. Diving and flying in short period of time is not good!


□We wish eveyone to enjoy activity with our dolphins, however considering dolphins' health and unpredictable behavior there is limitation in number of participants.
□Please make reservation with reference to space availability on website.
□We recommend early booking for space availability though reservation can be made at the office in Palau. Contant in Palau: (680)488-8582

Check space availability Now!!



※Dolphins Pacific website whole system is invented and tested by Windows.
※Therefore those who use Mac can not access the website. In that case, please send us an