Price change

Half Day Water Fall Tour

Dear Valued Customer:

Effective November 1, 2013, there will be a price change.


Old Price $50  → NEW Price
Adult(12years old and up):$60
Kids(6years old and up 〜 11years old ):$50

*We will not change the schedule of this activity.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dolphins Pacific

(26 September 2013)

New Office

Dear Valued Customer:

Greetings! We would like to update you on our move to our new location.
Our new office is next to Pier 7 in Malakal Island.
The Ticket Center(Reservation) office will be located on the first floor.
Please check the location here.
We will be at the new office date by August 15, 2013.

Our office will still be open every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Thank you for your understanding.

Dolphins Pacific

(01 August 2013)

Price change

Dolphin Symphony & Dolphin Free Dive (Swim activities)

Dear Valued Customer:

A survey was conducted on our visiting guests participating in our swim programs. One great suggestion was to include the rental of fins, mask & snorkel in the price of the activity. WE saw this as a convenience to our customers, so we are now providing mask & snorkel & fees for a nominal rental fee and include it in the activity fee.

Effective October 1, 2013, there will be a price change.


Dolphin Symphony Old Price $80  → NEW Price $90
Dolphin Free Dive  Old Price $100 → NEW Price $110

*We will not change the price for Dolphin Scuba Diving, One day Trainer1&2, even include rental of fins, mask, snorkel.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dolphins Pacific

(24 May 2013)

A Happy New Year 2013 !!!

Happy New Year to you all!!
Dolphins Pacific and it's staffs express their gratitude and for your friendship and support. Wishing you and your fsamilies a posperous and peaceful new year!!

(01 January 2013)

Another new baby dolphin!!!

This year on September 19th, one of our dolphins name Ariel gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby calf. We are still waiting for the right time in order to identify the calf's gender. And so far now, we haven't come up with the name yet. So come on over to Dolphins Pacific and see our new born baby!!

(02 October 2012)

New T-shirts!!!!

We have new design of our Dolphin Pacific T-shirts!! Adult sizes is $15 each Kids sizes is $10 each You can choose from five different colors....So come and buy your shirt before it runs out!!

(05 May 2012)

New born baby calf

This is our new baby calf named Momiroi. Her mother is Roxy and she was born on October 18, 2010. In Palau, Momiroi means you wave. She is very adorable and cute!!

This is Lebuu. He is Layla's son and he was born on December 11, 2010. He was named by the staffs at Dolphins Pacific. Lebuu was a name of the prince of Palau.

(07 July 2011)

Activity Changes

Our dolphins situation has called for a few changes in our activities and the maximum number for each activity. So please be advised that Dolphins Symphony age limit has risen from 6 years old to the age of 13 years old and above! We put our dolphins welfare first and foremost. We apologize for the sudden change in our activities, but please understand that we are dealing with animals. Thank You!

(11 Mar 2011)


Our new calf`s name is Momiroi!! When you come down to our facility, you will be able to see our calf during the Close Encounter program!!


<(0.o)> Surprise!

We have a new addition to Dolphin Bay!! One of our female dolphins have given birth to a calf about 3 weeks ago! The calf is very strong and swims very well... We are very excited!! Come on down to see our baby!!


Photo/Movie Information

Please be advised: Due to the health and safety of our dolphins, Dolphin Pacific photo service staff will now be taking photos with the company camera upon request for Close Encounter, Dolphin Symphony and Dolphin Free Dive. However, you are permitted use an underwater camera for the Free Dive program once our staff has informed you on how to interact with our dolphins while holding a camera.
For more information, click "here !!


Gift Shop Renewal

"Demul Gift Shop" Features New Items!!
For more information, click "here !!


Photo Service Price List

Check out our New Prices!!
For more information, click "here !!


English Twitter

We recently installed Twitter on our Web Page!!
Feel free to talk about anything with us!!


Photo Service of Dolphin Close Encounter

We are now able to print photos.


Happy New Year!

Well the new year is already here... Let us hope that this year will be a fruitful year. We wish our sponsors and supporters a Happy New Year!



Our website is currently being edited. Please bare with us. If you have any questions or comments regarding our activities please contact us at here or call (680)488-8582. Thank you for your understanding.



4/1/09〜 New Program OPEN!!

This program is a Nature Experience program for everyone from 6 years up. The program will start with a history of our mother earth. We will learn what is necessary to survive in nature, the current state of mother earth, and a chronological review of the earth's past to the present. Then we will proceed to kayak and see a nature more closely. By chance, you might be afforded the opportunity to see endemic animals in Palau. After Lunch we will focus on our five senses with some games at the Emerald lagoon, Dolphin Bay. We will end the program by participating in the Coral Planting Project. Everyone!! Here is your one chance to take a stand and experience our Palau Nature Expedition!!

More information?
Check here


3/31/09〜 New Program OPEN!!

Be mesmerized "Nature" & "Culture" of Palau!!
This program is a Nature experience Eco tour for everyone (age limitation). You'll feel Palau's nature and culture with a Palauan guide (Japanese guide will accompany for translation). Utilizing a kayak, you will get a closer look of Palau's endemic plants & animals. A genuine Eco tour full of wonders and a sensational spiritual experience. In addition, you will get a chance to witness and experience the "Cultural Legends" & "Historical Remains" (Stone Monoliths, Kukau Bad). You will be treated with a gorgeous and sumptous lunch, a taste of Palauan food.
Let's feel "Palau" and "Nature" together!!

More information?
Check here


Adopt-A-Coral program

Coral crisis has extended all over the world because of global warming. Palau has initiated a coral transplanting project to revive its corals. This project is made possible throught the Coral Savers Foundation, a non-profit organization in Palau whose aim is conservation of corals. We ask that you support the Adopt-A-Coral program by donating $10.00 and you will be given a pot to write your environmental message. A coral will be placed in the pot with your message and then transplanted into the ocean. Do your part and Save our corals! United We Stand To Protect Our Beautiful Ocean.


Helping our Corals

This photo taken here is a sample of coral potting. Our staff were able to attend a day with the Coral Savers Foundation and learn about corals and how to take care of them. The next step after this coral potting will be cleaning and transplanting the corals into the ocean. There will be an update later on the status of these corals.


Dolphin Free Dive Program

Our Dolphin Free Dive program is now available everyday from Monday thru Sunday in the afternoons only. This program does not restrict you to the surface. The use of mask, fins, and snorkel is required. We have space limitation so please reserve in advance.


New Photo Service

We started a new "Photo Service" on November 1, 2007. It first started with just the Close Encounter program and then gradually spread out to almost all our programs. We now provide service for Dolphin Symphony and Dolphin Free Dive. If you are interested in purchasing pictures please ask one of our staff to assist you.



"Demul Gift Shop" openned for business at Dolphin Bay at November 1, 2007. "Demul" in the Palauan language means "Dolphin". We sell a variety of souvenirs, t-shirts, towels, snacks, and drinks. Please stop by and visit our new gift shop!



Due to unexpected rainfall we would like to inform all guest who will be visiting and/or participating in our programs to bring their own raincoats. Or you can purchase disposable raincoats at our Ticket Center or at our Demul Gift Shop for $1.50 each.



ONE DAY TRAINER with DOLPHIN FREE DIVE is now available for reservation beginning June 15, 2007. For more information about this program please call our office or click HERE to send us an e-mail.The use of mask, fins, and snorkel are required for this program. Spaces are limited so please reserve in advance.



The Earthrace boat, which attempted to set a world record for circumnavigating the globe running only on bio-diesel, makes a pitstop at the Neco Marine dock. The Earthrace Vessel crew decided to stop in Palau for 24hr break before continuing on their trip to Singapore. They are attempting to break the 75 day record set in 1998 running only on bio-diesel.




We are currently editing our website. Please bare with us. If you have any questions or comments regarding our activities please contact us at or call (680)488-8582. Thank you for your understanding.


PHS Students

We had Students who came and worked with us from Palau High School.They were working with us for one week, hope that they learn alot and that they will come back again and work with us.


New staff

Filton Redchor is one of our new staff that just currently graduate from Palau Community College. Majored in Tourism and Hospitality Tour Guide will sure help him out as being one of the Dolphin Trainers.

New Sign

As you see beside road theres a new sign,